You Need a

Most People Think they Need Something.They need a website. They need money. They need to sell more, to reach their goals, dreams, visions, financial independence in their business and lives.
A way to get there.
What they need is a Strategy

What We Do

We use the STAR Strategies MethodologyPlan the Work - Work the PlanS - Strategies - Global plans and objectives to drive a corporation, its divisions and products
T - Tactics - Ground level manoeuvres with attainable objectives, defined assignments and budget allocations.
A - Actions - What has to be done to turn ideas into actualities. Ideas are a dime a dozen!
R - Resources, Responsibilities, Results
- Resources - What you need to implement your plan; talent, technology, time and money.
- Responsibilities - Power of the turned on team
- Results - The most successful strategies do not rely on facts and figures, although with today's advances in measurable, quantifiable analytics and reporting tools combined with taking into consideration feeling, perceptions and positioning greatly increase the chances of success

Michael Levinson, Chief Strategist

Michael Levinson is a Hands-on, solutions & strategy-focused specialist with solid leadership and management skills. Over 25+ years of experience in digital product & software development. A broad thinker with an equal aptitude for high-level concepts and detailed work.

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